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Game Of Clones

BREAKING: The Colorado Renaissance Festival launches an epic new show on the ship stage June 14th! Mark and John, the faces and middle-aged bodies of Puke & Snot for years in Larkspur, are cutting back their performance schedule. But they haven’t forgotten the thousands of fans of the show and are determined to keep it spewing both bad jokes and fresh vegetables throughout the run of the 2014 season.

puke and snotTHE PUKE & SNOT SHOW will feature guest artists Patrick O’Brien as Snot and Chris Carlson as Puke in a show we’re calling PUKE & SNOT: GAME OF CLONES. O’Brien is a long time stage, TV and film actor looking for a new challenge. Working with Spielberg and the Coen Brothers wasn’t enough to realize his full artistic potential, and after a long night of drinking was persuaded that a summer in Larkspur was just what his Muse ordered. Chris has been doing stellar theater and film work in Minneapolis for years and has always wanted to work with a short, hairy actor. It’s a match made in the Twin Cities. Please welcome them as they continue the forty year tradition of THE PUKE & SNOT SHOW with all the familiar sketches like the “Magaga Routine,” “I’d Like To Buy An Eye,” “The Mindreader,” “Sure Would, Sherwood,” and “Electile Dysfunction,” as well as some new material they’re throwing together as you read this. It’s about to get weird in Colorado, folks, and it has nothing to do with what people are now legally smoking out there.



  • Colorado RenFest: “Game of Clones” featuring Patrick O’Brien and Chris Carlson as the Puke & Snot doppelgangers Eight weekends June 14th thru August 3rd

  • Minnesota RenFest: The Originals Weekends and Labor Day August 16th thru September 28th, plus Friday September 26th

  • Maryland RenFest: The Originals Weekends October 4th thru October 19th


New Album

The latest in a series of extremely annoying Puke & Snot albums is now available at the P & S store on the web site and at festivals where the boys are performing. Recorded at the Colorado Renaissance Festival in front of a live audience, much like yourselves, this fast-moving, one-hour-plus CD contains the latest and best of the longest running and most successful festival act in history, including "Puke & The Beanstalk," "The Clopper Caper," "Electile Dysfunction," and nine more tracks guaranteed to put you asleep at the wheel right there in your driveway. Features John Gamoke as Snot in his first ever recorded performance.

EXTREMELY PUKE & INCREDIBLY SNOT could very well end up a collector's item.

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Puke's Award Winning Memoir

“Call Me Puke: A Life on the Dirt Circuit,” by Mark Sieve is available in hard copy and soon as an e-book. With wit and energy, the author weaves choice tidbits about his remarkable partnership with Joe Kudla against the backdrop of his early life in a small Minnesota town and his emerging career as an actor.


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Puke And Snot - Binge Responsibly