Puke And Snot Book Award

Who's That Guy With Puke?

John Gamoke was born in Arcadia, Wisconsin. Before he answered the call to fill Thomas Snot’s tights he had quite a career. And we’re not talking about his world-class home brewing operation or the pole dancing classes he taught. We’re talking Hollywood. Long way from Arcadia. He spent four years wishing he could remember what he did. Years later the fog lifted and now he does remember doing more than 350 commercials and at least 20 TV shows.

Some of his commercials:

Kellogg’s Sugar Frosted Flakes, where he confessed to eating the cereal as an adult; McDonald’s where he lusted after their fries; Apple computers at his beach house in Malibu.

And some of his TV appearances:

A shoe salesman in Moonlighting
A waiter in Jake and the Fatman
A farmer in Amerika, the mini-series no one watched
A news anchor in Mr. Smith (an orangutan got top billing)
A cop in Matlock

A little league coach in In the Line of Fire (Interesting side note-- following the filming of the show John actually became a little league coach for nine years. Many of his teams won championships and most of the kids vowed never to play baseball again)
John can be seen in the movies MIGHTY DUCKS playing a crook, UNTAMED HEART playing a priest, SWEET LAND playing a farmer, TWENTY BUCKS playing a bingo caller, THIN ICE playing a pheasant hunter, and many more roles that will haunt your dreams if you ever stumble on them.

John also has spent 30+ years in the theater. Yes. In air conditioned theaters. Where it doesn’t rain or hail on the actors. He’s worked in theatres in Minnesota, California, Colorado, New York, Indiana, Texas, Iowa and Arizona. At this posting he’s cracking up audiences as the Mayor of Munchkin Land at the Children’s Theater Company in Minneapolis. He’s married to a beautiful woman named Emily, has two kids who are old enough to know better, has a cat, a truck and a car. He loves to watch baseball and football and was captain of his high school football team that went 9-0. That still pisses off his older brother.

John is large. We’re not saying he’s big but when you get on an elevator with him you’d better be going down. Listen carefully at the next live P & S show for the joke that was written especially to honor the New Large Snot. Punch line? “The lake.”