Joe Kudla
1951 - 2008

Joe Kudla

“He was a man, take him for all and all, we shall not look upon his like again”
- William Shakespeare, Hamlet


On Monday, August 11 2008, Joe Kudla, aka Thomas Snot, passed away. He leaves behind hundreds of family and friends who are at a loss to grasp his sudden absence from our lives, and millions of fans who, for 35 years, he moved to tears with laughter. We will miss him dearly.

Puke, aka Mark Sieve, is writing in his blog, where hundreds of tribute emails, along with Joe’s obituary and other details, are being posted. Please check back often.

We’d like to thank the Smith Family and the Maryland Renaissance Festival for their generous contribution of $2,000 to the Joe Kudla Memorial Fund! This, among other contributions made via merchandise purchases, will help Joe’s daughter Angela go to college.

The Show Goes On

Joe always believed that the show was bigger than the actors. That’s why we have, in the past and today, had Puke & Snot performing in other festivals across the country: Boston, Pittsburgh, Maryland, D.C. Even through actors other than ourselves, the spirit of the show carries on. People still laugh. Joe would want them to keep laughing.

So, to honor Joe and his long legacy, we’ve decided to soldier on and go ahead with the show this year at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival and beyond. Thomas Snot, the indelible character Joe developed over 35 years, deserves to live on, even if Joe himself decided to “step out of the canoe.” Our good friend John Gamoke is picking up where Joe left off -- lucky for us, John is an incredible actor, and is bringing his own brand of hilarity to the role. Come out and see for yourself!

We hope to see you at the festival, where we can all honor Joe the way he’d like it: little fuss, and a lot of laughter. Long live Thomas Snot!